Flower Care & Handling

If you received a bouquet, take off ALL of our wrapping, pick your favourite vase from that super high cabinet above your fridge, and wash it with soap and water. We know it's a pain, but that saying about cleanliness and Godliness is true for flowers too!

Next up, your bouquet needs a fresh cut! You want to cut at least 1/2" off the stems at a 90 degree angle to allow more surface area to drink water as well as ensure they don't sit flush with the bottom of the vase. 

Just like us, your flowers are thirsty! Fill the vase with cool, clean water. Clean water prevents bacteria from growing (which is what causes flowers to expire - eek!). Here's the kicker - try to change the water DAILY, or as often as you can possibly remember! 

*Lil' tip - the life of each variety of flower is different and, as you can see, we like lots of variety in our bouquets! To keep your flowers fresh as long as possible, take out the flowers as they expire so they don't spread bacteria to the flowers that are still lovin' life! 

Give those pretty blooms some love! Shout hooray! Sing their praises! Oh, and keep them out of direct sunlight and extreme heat (they're sensitive too!). 

Last but not least, enjoy them and know that you must be pretty special for someone to care enough to send you an amazing bouquet form The Floral Studio at Hole’s! 

And why not snap them for the 'gram so you can spread the love! @holesgreenhouses