Order Disclaimer:

While we make every effort to keep your order as close to the description as possible, we do reserve the right to replace certain elements if we feel they are not as beautiful as they could be, or if that particular flower is not in stock.

We do, however, promise to deliver you a drop-dead gorgeous arrangement, lovingly designed using our freshest product.

Flowers are a natural thing – and sometimes they behave in a way we can't predict. If you feel your arrangement has done something unpredictable that isn't making you smile, please contact us.

Same DaY, Weekend & Holiday Delivery:

  • We offer same-day delivery from Monday to Friday on orders placed before 11am.
  • For same-day deliveries on Saturdays, contact the Floral Studio directly at 780-419-6809 to place your order before 11am. (Please use our main line Monday-Friday: 780-419-6800.)
  • We do not deliver on Sundays or statutory holidays, however, you may pick up your order in-store. Please note we are closed on some statutory holidays. Check our website or contact us for holiday hours.
  • Exact arrival times cannot be specified.
  • The recipient's full name, address and phone number are required to complete the order. Incomplete or inaccurate information will impede the delivery and may result in additional charges.
  • Around major holiday events such as Christmas, Valentine's Day or Mother's day it is impossible to specify a delivery time of any kind.

unable to Deliver, recipient unavailable:

In the event the recipient is not available, flowers may be:

  • left with a neighbour with a message left on the recipient's door indicating who has accepted the flowers. 
  • accepted by a colleague and left at the place of business.
  • redelivered at a later time.

If nothing can be arranged; flowers may be returned and the recipient contacted to establish another delivery time.