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Wedding Florals

Our process is about collaborating to create an event that is unique to you. It’s about designing a personal look and feel that incorporates intimate details with your distinctive style to create an experience that both you and your guests will remember. We want every one of your guests to walk away from your event saying, “… It was so you!”

 photo by Maria Boychuk
 photo by Jay Marie Studios
 photo by Maria Boychuk
 photo by BB Collective

Whether you are a budget bride or someone dreaming of a fairytale wedding, we will share our knowledge and experience as professional wedding florists to guide you to the best wedding flower selection for your special day.

Step One: Initial Consultation (Phone or In-Person)

Regardless of the service we will be providing, our process begins with a consultation where we’ll learn more about you, your event and your vision. We’ll also want to understand the tone you want to set, your personal style, your desired colour palette and even what inspires you. You can even send us pictures, fabric swatches, links to websites or blogs—anything you have to help us realize your vision.

Step Two: The Estimate

From there we’ll create a custom proposal for you. You will then will review the proposal and we will make adjustments based on your feedback.

Step Three: Contract Agreement and Deposit

Once the proposal is agreed, we will need for you to sign an agreement and provide a non-refundable deposit. This will secure your event date and allow for us to begin planning the details.

Step Four: Finalize The Details

Approximately 4-6 weeks before your event, we will work with you to finalize your invoice—this essentially means that you approve the final design and details that we have created together. This will enable us to place the orders for your event. Final payment is required 30 days prior to your event date..


Please note:
We often get asked what our prices are and it is difficult to answer simply. Obviously, larger events with more bridesmaids and centrepieces cost more than a wedding with fewer tables and no bridesmaids. 

If you are interested in coming in, please give us a call at 780 419 6800 to schedule an appointment. We look forward to working with you!